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How do color schemes work?

Color schemes allows you to change MathFit's appearance to match your personal preference. MathFit comes with 18 color schemes (3 free, 15 available for purchase). To change or purchase a color scheme, tap the circle to the right of the color scheme's name.

How do hints work?

Hints allow you to see all the possible options for a given turn. This can be used to help decide what move to make. For example if you had the option of [5] ^ [3] using the a hint would reveal:

In this example the hint makes it clear that swiping right to left would provide a higher score.

How do I get more hints?

Once your have zero hints available, there are two ways to get more hints.

How can I provide feedback?

We are excited to know what you think!

How can I report a bug?

We appreciate that you are taking the time to help us improve MathFit. Please provide as much detail as possible so that we can replicate and resolve the problem.

What is MathFit's privacy policy?

MathFit does not collect any personal data, so there is no privacy policy.

Why are achievements unlocked when the progress bar is empty?

Progress bars are based on your locally saved stats. If you reset your stats or erase MathFit from your device, your locally saved stats will be permanently erased. Achievements on the other-hand are saved to Apple's Game Center when they are unlocked. This means if is possible to have an unlocked achievement and a blank progress bar.

How can I view the leaderboards?

To view the leaderboards:

How can I sign into Apple's Game Center

If you receive the error message "Game Center Unavailable, Player is not signed in" then you will need to:

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